This is the auction of the stunning Crystal Dragons. Created by LASVIT, the 2 Dragons fight for the pearl created from millions of crystals. A unique and memorable art piece.

Two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl are a symbol deeply rooted in Chinese mythology.

The pearl is associated with spiritual energy, wisdom, prosperity, power and immortality. World famous art manufacturers LASVIT materialized this symbol in the form of a jewel piece now decorates the lobby of the Imperial Palace Saipan.

Spanning over 60 meters and weighing 40 tons, a crystal gem-studded sculpture featuring two flying dragons is the largest such installation in the world.

2,5 million Swarovski crystals

There are 2,5 million Swarovski crystals covering the scales on the dragon’s body. Each is furthermore illuminated and can change color, so the dragon can change from green to red almost instantly.

Hero_Crystal Dragon_03
Hero_Crystal Dragon_04

crafts – glassmaking and metalworking

The project connected two traditional types of crafts – glassmaking and metalworking. “In this project, we approached the limits of what is both technically and physically possible.

high-tech design process

Master glassmakers and metalsmiths brought the know-how of hundreds of years of craft tradition while their work was backed by a high-tech design process throughout,” explains Leon Jakimič, LASVIT’s Founder and President. Developed in collaboration with Steelman partners and DSAA architects.

Hero_Crystal Dragon_05
Hero_Crystal Dragon_06

Millions of colors

Provided with RGBW LED chips, the crystals function as a giant screen that follows the shape of the dragon’s body. The light can thus travel through the dragon from head to tail and change its colors in myriad ways.


Bidders note some rectification work will be required on the Crystal Dragons as they have not be powered up for a couple of years since the casino was closed. LASVIT are happy to support this work to bring the Crystal Dragons back to their amazing best. 

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